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FOR SALE: B&O Beomaster 2400 Stereo Receiver; FOR SALE: 2 X NEW WIMA MKP10 10uF 250VDC 10% Film Capacitors; DEALER AD: Klipsch RP-504C. The complete collection of Scanspeak Midrange units, both old and new. All drivers will be 208 EUR from ScanSpeak webshop (D2604 option) or delivered with the crossover kit from Jantzen Audio. Product Brand & Model: Scanspeak Revelator 12m 4631 x2 (0 pr) Scanspeak Revelator 18w 8531 x2 (0 pr) ScanSpeak Illuminator D /x2. See more videos for Scanspeak Drivers. A two-way from said driver and the 6600 tweeter was quickly in place and I started on the implementation of the 7100 tweeter. Crossover design for Scanspeak 18W/8545K Revelator, 7″ Midwoofer and the ScanSpeak DTweeter.

It should be treated the same as open back cone midrange drivers. Recent Classifieds. This Scan-speak 7" scanspeak drivers woofer features a coated paper cone that delivers very smooth and warm reproduction with excellent detailing. 55 scanspeak drivers cubic foot ported with single straight vent 1.

Look at the specs between the two. DIY Kits with Scan-Speak drivers available from: pbn Audio: Scan-Speak B741 (D3004/664000, 12MU/4731T00, 18WU/8741T00) Scan-Speak B1371 (D2908/714000, 18M/4631T00, 32W/4878T01) Klang+Ton: Bonbon Micromonitor (D/60, 12M/4631G00). Fortunately, Scanspeak had the foresight to rescue it. I used the 8545 woofer (17cm diameter) and the 9900 tweeter (aka «The Revelator», 28mm dome). For me, the essence is: The legend of the "early" A-25 with Vent above and ScanSpeak-Drivers is impossible, because Scan-Speak was founded one year after the A-25 first was produced. Results as measured via Dayton’s DATs measurement tool.

Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker scanspeak drivers building supplies, and passive crossover design. This article was originally published in Voice Coil December. Some padding in hi-pass scanspeak circuit. 5” full-range drivers on the market with the 10F/8414G10. Reading through the forums at audioasylum I heard about these speakers and how they came with scanspeak drivers and the high quality of the crossovers so I decided to gamble with them and order.

High-quality magnet system des. Good for smaller sealed box. Dynaco/Hafler, and produced in Denmark at SEAS from 1969 with SEAS Drivers produced at SEAS Norway. All of their products are developed, designed, and hand-built by our fifty dedicated staff at our facility in Videbaek, Denmark. To learn more tap image. I got the 9500 tweeter and 8546 kevlar drivers.

The model number has been changed to D7608/90 but it is essentially the same midrange. A ScanSpeak center speaker has been on the to-do list for a long time, so here it is. The Discovery family is one of the largest lines in Scan-Speak’s families of drivers. They are the exact same driver. Overall it is a good performer with really high sensitivity, low harmonic scanspeak drivers distortion, but average scanspeak drivers CSD a. scanspeak drivers Thus, pairs scanspeak drivers of 18W/8434G00 and R2604/83 tweeters were acquired from ScanSpeak. As the ScanSpeaker name suggests, all the drivers are made by ScanSpeak.

Nominal output in the ~83 dB range. The ScanSpeak brand is viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. old scanspeak catalog: 18W/4531G-00: 38mm glass fiber voice, slit-paper uncoated non-resonant cone, 4 Ohms. The surround is a double coated foam material with long scanspeak drivers term stability. Which is a very little handy tool to have. The scanspeak drivers problem is that there are no standards for driver size. Small Signal Parameters. old scanspeak catalog.

We sell raw speaker drivers (tweeters, woofers, subwoofer, midrange drivers, full range drivers), speaker kits, amplifiers, capacitors, resistors, and inductors. 5, but in a two-way configuration, shown in cherry veneer. Scan-Speak set out to make the one of the best 3. We’re sure that our founder, scanspeak drivers Ejvind Skaaning, would be both surprised and very proud that his vision of producing customized loudspeaker drivers has led to the half century legacy that is Scan-Speak. Unlike scanspeak drivers other mid-domes which have closed backs, a rear chamber must be built for the D7608. We’re sure that our founder, Ejvind Skaaning, would be both surprised and very proud that his vision of producing customized loudspeaker drivers has led to the half century legacy that is Scan-Speak. These mini woofers are being extensively used in TV soundbars and Bluetooth speakers.

7&39;&39; Woofers : old scanspeak catalog : 18S/8531G-00. scanspeak drivers Clean design with low parts count and single hi-pass cap. Founded in 1970 by Ejvind Skaaningn in Denmark – the scanspeak drivers birthplace of loudspeakers.

FRITZ SPEAKERS REV 5 SR LOUDSPEAKERS WITH SCANSPEAK DRIVERS AND SERIES XOVERS Scan Speak Discovery, 22W/8534G00, scanspeak drivers 8″ Midwoofer, 8 ohm Scanspeak Revelator 23W4557T-00 9" high end subwoofer driver pair Scan Speak Revelator D2905/″ Tweeter Textile Dome Scan-Speak Illuminator 25mm tweeters D3004/pair Box Alignment: 0. Chassis - Low-Loss linear suspension - Air Dried Paper/Carbon Fibre Cone - Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround. These are very good, but expensive drivers. Where to Buy ScanSpeak drivers and speaker parts can be purchased at Madisound. Fusion – 3-Way Classic.

All Scanspeak drivers scanspeak drivers are covered by our price match promise, for details click here : Price match. old scanspeak catalog: 15W/8530K-01: 38mm glass fiber voice, paper cone, 8 Ohms. Drivers were added for scanspeak drivers comparison to a small cone diameter. Besides our role as distributor of components for the loudspeaker industry, we also supply DIY customers with drivers and components of the following brands: Scan-Speak, Seas, Accuton, SB-Acoustics, Peerless, Vifa, Morel, Fountek, Wavecor, Dayton, Eton, Davis, P-Audio, Intertechnik, Jantzen-Audio, DACT, Kirchner-ATB and scanspeak Audyn.

38mm glass fiber voice, slit-paper uncoated non-resonant cone, 8 Ohms, shielded. 5” diameter scanspeak drivers full-range drivers. Can be produced as a monitor or scanspeak tower.

Test of Scanspeak 15M discovery line midrange driver. The A-25 was developed by SEAS in cooperation w. At 800 Hz the best and worst performances were obtained from the Scan Speak 21W lab 43/95, a prototype 21W/8554 with SD-1 motor, and the 18W/8545. Test setup note: The driver cutout was indeed chamfered, which is something that should be done to allow the back of the driver to breathe properly and not impede the flow (which would have a measurable effect). Drivers: TW29RN-B or TW29BN-B & 18M/8631T00 & 12N630 – 8 Ohm. Up for test is the Scanspeak Discovery scanspeak drivers 10F/4424G scanspeak drivers 4 inch, 4 ohm midrange. Scan-Speak Loudspeaker Specification Sheets.

Based on history a 6" driver is in thecm^2 radiating area range. The article here was meant to be a quick review of the ScanSpeak 18WU/8741T00 driver paired with either 7100 or 6600 tweeters. A true 7" driver should be in thecm^2 range and many 8" drivers display 220 cm^2 membrane area. Two large value hi-pass caps and significant padding in hi-pass circuit. The same drivers as the Zaph 2. This driver features a neo magnet to keep its weight down. Crossover design for Scanspeak 18W/8535 Classic, 7″ Midwoofer and the ScanSpeak D″ Tweeter.

Some ScanSpeak 6" drivers with a membrane area of 155 cm^2 are scanspeak drivers more like 6½" scanspeak drivers. We recommend this driver for high quality 2-way systems of bass reflex scanspeak drivers design. Not worth it to me since I&39;m scanspeak drivers hiding my drivers in the doors, dash, and D-pillars. The ACRO S1000 uses Danish ScanSpeak driver units, a top choice of high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. Additional Notes: Low crossover point about 2. Scanspeak Illuminator 18WU/8747T-00, 7″ Aluminum Cone Woofer Specification Sheet PDF Categories Driver Specification Sheet, Scan-Speak Brand, Woofer FE168EZ Speaker Spec Sheet & Enclosure Plan. Excluding these two drivers the best performance at 150 Hz was turned in by the SEAS W18E001 and the worst by the Vifa PL18WO-09. This family was established to make certain that our customers would have access to high quality Danish designed and built drivers at an affordable price.

A scanspeak drivers well designed tower with twin ports, well braced, a handmade heavy tower for exceptional sound. ScanSpeak 18W,MidWoofer - Classic Range. A 2-Way speaker system complete scanspeak drivers with hand-built Danish ScanSpeak driver units. I wouldn&39;t hesitate to use this center speaker with the Ekta-mkII, The Ekta Grande. This 2-way speaker system uses precise, hand-built driver units made by ScanSpeak, who has provided the highest standard speaker drives for over scanspeak drivers 40+ years. Incredibly scanspeak drivers high quality drivers that are very popular with high end manufact. The 8545 midwoofer has the reputation of very smooth reproduction of voices. About ScanSpeak ScanSpeak was founded in Denmark in 1970.

Classic, Discovery, Illuminator, Revelator and Automotive ranges - we supply every model currently available. Additional Notes: Low crossover point about 1. – SB Acoustics, Scan-Speak & BMS drivers. ScanSpeak website. - Patented Symmetrical scanspeak drivers Drive Motor Design SD-1 - Die Cast Alu. Accompanied with the extremely small form factor, this is scanspeak drivers a top choice for many in car audio and home audio alike. This driver has the SD magnet system, aluminum cast frame, aluminum former and wire. Any other tweeter will require a different crossover and I cannot help you with this, so please do not ask.

Scanspeak Woofers. Zaph Audio SRT Two Way. ScanSpeak 18W,MidWoofer - Classic Range - DISCONTINUED This driver features the Symmetric Drive (SD-1) scanspeak drivers concept with copper in the magnet system was invented by Scan-Speak.

– 3-Way Classic Construction with 12″ woofers. Nominal output ~ 82 dB. There are not many brands that have such longevity and we are proud to be part of such an exclusive group. A very popular kit with ScanSpeak drivers.

Initially I was thinking of Illuminator drivers, but my recent experience the Discovery-861, convinced me of using the Discovery drivers as they offer exceptional performance. Another two-way in a few days. 5″x 5″ length. Currently, scanspeak drivers some of the most popular transducers in consumer electronics are the 2”–3. FRITZ SPEAKERS REV 5 SR LOUDSPEAKERS WITH SCANSPEAK DRIVERS AND SERIES XOVERS Scan Speak Discovery, 22W/8534G00, scanspeak drivers 8″ Midwoofer, 8 ohm scanspeak drivers Scanspeak Revelator 23W4557T-00 9" high end subwoofer driver pair Scan Speak Revelator D2905/″ Tweeter scanspeak drivers Textile Dome Scan-Speak Illuminator 25mm tweeters D3004/pair. Scanspeak has been constantly focused on developing, designing and manufacturing loudspeakers of the highest quality to scanspeak drivers accompany the widening availability of audiophile source equipment and amplification.

With the "automotive" version you pay extra for a polished magnet and silver paint job.